Corn Fritter


        7 cups of corn cut fresh from the cob 
        1 1/3 tsp garlic finely minced minced
        2-3 1/2 whole eggs, beaten
        1 cup 1/8 inch sliced green onions
        2/3 cups all purpose flour
        1 scant  teaspoon pepper
        1 cups 1/4 inch diced celery

Combine all of the ingredients except for the eggs until you are ready to make your fritters. when you are ready, mix in the eggs. The batter should have a slightly sticky texture without being too runny. (It is best to start off putting in 2 eggs, then adding more if needed) Drop the batter into hot oil with a tablespoon, and cook on each side until golden brown. 

Notes: The oil we use here at the restaurant is peanut oil for frying the fritters. It should be around 275-300 degrees. The effect desired is to have the fritter pop back to the surface of the oil almost immediately. If it sits at the bottom of your pan or pot, the oil is not hot enough. Take care not to let the oil get too hot! The effect of that would be what we call fritter wars here at E&O, and you'll have popcorn being made before your very eyes. Hot kernels of corn will fly out of your pan in all directions! Test the temperature of  the oil with a very small dab of batter first. If it reacts violently, you know the oil is too hot. The texture of the finished fritter should somewhat resemble lace. You want to be able to see a lacy effect of the egg throughout the batter, and it should be crisp. Too soggy and you may have too much egg, and it will resemble more of a deep fried omelet! Too much flour and it will not crisp properly either. The freshness, water and sugar content of the corn also have an effect on the outcome of the fritter, and flour and egg combinations need to be adjusted accordingly. In all, it's a seemingly simplistic preparation and level of ingredients, this fritter is one of the most difficult items we have here at E&O. Maintaining a consistent level of quality is at times difficult due to these ever changing variables. With a little practice and a careful eye, you should have no trouble making these fritters for your friends at your next party! Enjoy!