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Gene Discovery and Engineering Resistance (GDER)

GDER Research Area Committee  Updated:  1/1/17
Chair, Steve Scofield, USDA-ARS, West Lafayette, IN
Vice-Chair, Tom Clemente, University of Nebraska
Susan McCormick, USDA-ARS, Peoria, IL
Frances Trail, Michigan State University

Program Description:

The Gene Discovery and Engineering Resistance (GDER) research area (RA) will focus primarily on the identification of genes that can be used to increase FHB resistance and/or reduce DON accumulation, and on development of engineered strategies for FHB resistance or reduced DON levels on wheat and barley.  Gene discovery and transformation of non-cereal systems will be supported only for the purpose of rapidly screening potential anti-Fusarium genes.

FY16-17 Research Priorities Derived from Action Plan Goals:

  1. Characterize the genetic function of existing and novel loci for FHB resistance.
  2. Identify candidate genes for resistance against FHB and/or reduced DON accumulation.
  3. Develop effective FHB resistance and/or reduced DON accumulation through transgenic strategies.
  4. Incorporate new technologies for the generation of transgenic wheat and/or barley.


Summary of Funding*
  FY15 (2015-16) FY16 (2016-17)
Number of Projects: 8 (includes 1 multi-PI project) 9 (includes 1 multi-PI project)
Number of PIs: 8 9
Total Award Amount: $342,102 $346,126
% Total Rec. Funding: 6.97% 5,98%
Research Projects: FY15 FY16
*Summary does not include GDER-related projects that are part of the Barley Coordinated Project.

Research Reports/Publications